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The Magical Bond in a Dad and Daughter's Eyes

Survivors Rising seeks to create a tapestry where threads of empathy weave a story of hope, healing, and the enduring magic of human connection.


If you're on desktop, the eyes in our "Contact Us" section might catch your attention. Let's go on a journey to the heart of why Survivors Rising is a mentorship program - a journey that unfolds through the magic discovered in a loving gaze.


Eyes of Magic

✨ No words could ever describe grief's totality when you lose someone you deeply love. When I close my eyes and concentrate hard enough, I can see him—my special person—my father.

The departure of my father was a seismic shift, tearing apart the dreams we had yet to fulfill together. Without him, the comforting warmth of his gaze, I thought, had vanished too. His eyes had been my guiding light, instilling in me a sense of purpose and strength. Little did I know then, the significance of those loving eyes held the greatest gift I would ever receive: a legacy of love.

In his gaze, I found solace—a sanctuary where I was cherished above all else, where his unwavering devotion was palpable. His silent teachings went beyond words, imparting invaluable lessons about compassion, honesty, loyalty, and resilience. I can’t explain the depths of this feeling, but you’d be fortunate to know it.

Through his gaze, I learned the language of compassion, the art of honesty, the pledge of loyalty, and, above all, the courage to face life’s trials head-on.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we come across all kinds of people. Sometimes, we exchange quick smiles and hellos, barely giving each other a second thought. But every now and then, we meet someone who looks at us in a way that makes us feel something special. Many times they see something in us that we don't see ourselves. And when we find someone like that, it's like finding a little bit of magic because when you hold onto their belief in you long enough, you’ll find yourself embodying it.

Find those people that make you feel like magic. Find those people who gaze at you with wonder and offer genuine support and hold on to these people, as they are rare and precious. Eyes are magic, and although it aches how much I miss my daddy’s eyes, he gave me magic for the rest of my days to know my cherished place in this world. I take comfort in knowing that his love and support will always be with me.

This essence of magic, which encapsulates Survivors Rising, is something I wish for all our matches to possess. It cannot be taught, imitated, or bought—these genuine eyes of magic are beyond replication. Eyes that give you the confidence to embrace the limitless within. And I hope you, too, encounter someone whose eyes hold the same kind of magic. ✨


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