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Triggers.... It's incredible how a single word can hold so much sway, causing some to retreat into a whirlwind of fear, panic, sadness, or even madness. Who even coined such a term? Triggers are like bookmarks in our minds, holding onto memories that remain unresolved and unhealed.

In recent years, I've noticed a growing awareness of triggers, with alerts like "trigger warning" accompanying sensitive content in articles or media. It's meant to give individuals who've experienced similar traumas a chance to step away mentally, preventing them from being overwhelmed. It's a helpful tactic, but does it truly lead to healing? While therapy and healthy habits aid in healing, I believe true healing from triggers also comes from confronting them head-on when we are ready.

Triggers can be like markers on our healing path, showing us how far we've come. The less they affect us, the more we know healing is happening inside. Instead of holding us back, they become steps forward, leading us to greater strength and peace.

I'm no expert, just someone who's navigated their own journey, but I've come to believe that facing our triggers is the key to transforming them. It's about replacing that negative association with something positive or viewing the situation from a perspective of growth rather than victimhood. While it's not easy, I've found that the most effective way to move past pain is to go through it.

And it's crucial to have a support system of people who understand and can provide that gentle push when we're still in the thick of it. After all, triggers are meant to ignite something powerful within us. So, let's reclaim them and let our triggers become catalysts for transformation. What's your first move?

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