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Our Logo

Survivors Rising, a nonprofit volunteer education and mentorship program, draws inspiration from the concept of the Holy Trinity in its logo design. While traditionally associated with Christianity, our interpretation transcends religious boundaries, reflecting a universal understanding that encompasses God, the Universe, and Humanity (You).

In the Christian Holy Trinity:

  1. God the Father is revered as the creator of the universe and the source of all existence.

  2. God the Son (Jesus Christ) symbolizes the divine in human form, offering a path to salvation and redemption.

  3. God the Holy Spirit represents the immanent, indwelling presence of divinity, suggesting that whether or not one subscribes to the Holy Spirit concept, the idea of being part of this vast universe carries endless power as an entity.

Survivors Rising embraces these universal principles, weaving them into our mission with three foundational pillars. These principles serve as the backbone for individuals navigating the aftermath of trauma, fostering resilience, personal growth, and a supportive community.

For survivors of sexual assault, the power of the Holy Trinity concept lies in recognizing the inherent strength within oneself, akin to the Holy Spirit dwelling within. It's an acknowledgment that, regardless of personal beliefs, survivors are connected to the vast power of the universe. This understanding empowers survivors to reclaim agency, foster healing, and move forward with resilience, embracing the limitless potential inherent in their being.

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