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Become a Mentor

Join us and make a difference

Join us as a mentor for survivors of sexual assault, recognizing that your role isn't that of a savior or therapist, but to be a beacon of hope. Life doesn't stop, and beauty can persist. Our requirement is that all parties undergo in-depth training, focusing on healthy boundaries and fostering solution-oriented discussions and actions.

As a mentor, your objective is to uncover your mentee's unique gifts and guide them in recognizing these talents to empower mentees to tap into their own potential and thrive on this journey.

As a mentor, you'll find profound personal benefits. Guiding survivors through their journey not only empowers them but can also bring unexpected healing to aspects of yourself you may not have realized needed it. Your compassionate commitment ensures a transformative journey, fostering empathy and understanding. Together, let's amplify the collective strength of the human spirit.

Mentor Eligibility:

  • Be 18 years of age or older

  • Pass a background check (includes military history. Those dishonorably discharged are not eligible for our programs)

  • Pass a competency self-assessment test

  • Commit to at least 6 months in the program

  • Live in San Diego County

  • Trauma greater than 3 years

If you do not meet these requirements, please continue with your application and provide the necessary details within the application form.

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