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In San Diego, a multitude of resources is available for maintaining focus, positivity, and transformation on the path to healing. Meet some exceptional community members who stand out as the best in their fields, ensuring a dedicated and impactful experience.

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EMDR Therapy

Dana Terrell specializes in Bowen and EMDR Therapies, offering unique expertise to address both inner and relationship stresses. EMDR, recognized as one of the most effective approaches for overcoming PTSD, is particularly impactful for survivors dealing with triggers. Dana excels in destigmatizing these triggers through her sessions. Renowned in her field, she finds joy and privilege in witnessing clients grow towards health using these transformative approaches. Explore your goals at her welcoming office in North Park, where she looks forward to collaborating on your journey.

(619) 268-6627

Restorative Yoga

With over 15 years immersed in the world of yoga, Missy stands as a seasoned practitioner who has mastered every aspect of this discipline. Among her various classes, the restorative yoga sessions she leads have become personal favorites for many. Restorative yoga, under her guidance, transcends the ordinary – it is an unparalleled experience of connecting mind, body, and soul. For survivors grappling with the aftermath of trauma, this practice holds profound significance. Through the consistent engagement with restorative yoga, Missy facilitates a holistic integration of all aspects, fostering a sense of energetic connection that is both rejuvenating and transformative.


Skyler Davis Lee, a resident performer in San Diego, calls Finest City Improv his artistic home. As the General Manager, he champions the transformative power of improv within the community. Improv enable survivors to be present, think on their feet, and have a great time. Despite initial jitters and anxiety, participating in improv classes empowers survivors to recognize their control over their bodies, providing a unique and enjoyable way to navigate life's challenges.

More to Come!

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