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Mr. Mike Najera, Board Governance

Meet Mr. Mike Najera, a seasoned leader and Former Port Commissioner of San Diego, whose journey is underscored by a deep commitment to both family and community. A devoted husband to his beloved wife, Mr. Najera takes pride in being a father to three remarkable women and a caring grandfather to two adorable grandchildren.


His motivation to aid survivors stems from a profound sense of empathy, a driving force that propels his unwavering commitment to building a safer world for those affected by such trauma. In his pursuit of positive change, Mr. Nareja channels over 30 years of passion and expertise in sustainable energy and business development. His dedication extends beyond family and professional realms, reaching into the heart of community empowerment.


 As a vital member of our team at Survivors Rising, he continues to champion the values of resilience, strength, and mentorship, leaving an indelible mark on the path towards a safer and more empowered future.

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